Friday, May 31, 2013

"Jug Face" Gets a Date, VOD & Theatrical Release for Late Summer


I’ve posted about this one before (right here), but it’s finally gotten it’s release date. Gravitas Ventures recently acquired the rights to it’s US VOD rights. We’ll be seeing it’s VOD debut on July 8th, and it’s theatrical debut on August 9th. I honestly hate this whole, “Let’s release it on VOD before we roll it out theatrically”. It’s stupid and it makes no sense. Mainly, I hate knowing that I can watch it immediately but forcing myself to wait. 

Here’s the synopsis (courtesy of “Ada, her family and a small isolated backwoods community worship a mysterious pit. The pit has the power to heal and protect all who honor it but at a deadly price…it demands an occasional sacrifice. The pit communicates through the local potter who, while in a trance, crafts ceramic jugs that carry the face of a person to be sacrificed to the entity that lives within it. Ada has a secret about the latest jug face that she’s determined to keep hidden but the pit demands a sacrifice and unleashes an evil onto the community until it gets who it really wants.”

-Rg Lovecraft

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