Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fright-Rags Rolls Out Pre-Order for Limited Edition RE-ANIMATOR Screen Print Signed by Barbara Crampton!

Fright-Rags, fine purveyor of tasty horror merch, has released details about a pre-order for a limited edition Re-Animator one sheet and t-shirt that starts tomorrow morning! They are working with Brian Yuzna (the original producer) on the shirt, and I must say it looks awesome and I have to have one. 

In even more exciting news, they also teamed up with Barbara Crampton (the lovely Megan) on a killer limited-edition screen print (that glows in the mo'fuckin' dark) that she will be hand signing for everyone lucky enough to get theirs hands on one. 

There are a couple other shirts available, one based on the artwork for the special edition soundtrack that was released on vinyl a few months back and groovy design of Dr. Hill holding his own little head. 

So, pre-orders start tomorrow but the poster has been limited to 175, so get on there early and snatch yours up before they're all gone!

Head here to check out all the juicy details.

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