Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make Way for the Trailer Premiere of WE ARE WHAT WE ARE

This year has been a SOLID year for horror movies, what with the release of Evil Dead  (remake), Maniac (remake), You're Next, American Mary, and it's not stopping anytime soon. Slated for a September 27th release, Jim Mickle's remake of the Mexican cannibal click, We Are What We Are has just premiered the official trailer and my does it look... tasty.

"The Parkers have never been much for company. In fact, for as long as they've lived in the Catskills, none of their neighbors have set foot in their home. And that's by design; family patriarch Frank (Bill Sage) is intent on maintaining his ancestral customs, which wouldn't be understood by modern society. Meanwhile, when the storm clouds open up and their small town starts to flood, the local authorities make some disturbing discoveries that seem to confirm everyone's worst suspicions about the mysterious clan."


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