Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cool Find - THE EXORCIST Make Up/Camera Tests

My general love for horror extends beyond the on screen brutality and definitely ventures into the creative aspect of horror films as well. When I was younger, I loved watching every special feature, every documentary or short that I could find about what went on behind the camera. Some would say it's the equivalent of learning how the magician does his tricks, but it's endlessly fascinating to me and it really boosted my respect for the genre to see how they captured Jenning's death in The Omen or how they filmed the hitchhiker blowing her brains out in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Thanks to Reddit, I found a make up and camera test for The Exorcist that I haven't seen it years. Even this short video alone is scary and unsettling, which goes to show how far the terror of this film has extended. Dig it below!

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