Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HERE COMES THE DEVIL Looks Terrifyingly Relentless

Mexican horror has really been up and coming lately. Breaking waves was Jorge Michel Grau's Somos lo que hay in 2010 (Jim Mickle's remake is getting rave reviews), now we have Here Comes The Devil from director Adrian Garcia Bogliano. 

A terrifying tale that appears to be drawing from the aesthetic influence of early horror films such as The Hills Have Eyes and Dawn of the Dead: "A married couple loses their children while on a family trip near some caves in Tijuana. The kids eventually reappear without explanation, but it becomes clear that they are not who they used to be, that something terrifying has changed them."

Starring Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez and Michele Garcia, the film first made rounds at TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival) but is slated for an American release on December 13th of this year. Head below for a peek at the NSFW trailer and an equally awesome poster!


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