Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sam Raimi Confirmed as Director of ARMY OF DARKNESS 2!

Happy Sunday everyone! Seeing as last night was Halloween Party night of the year, I hope that most of you are still alive. I myself had a great night, playing some rock and roll for a party full of tipsy, costumed party goers. Tonight, I'll be seeing The Exorcist on the big screen, and I got to wake up to this wonderful tid bit of news!

It has been confirmed that Sam Raimi will be resuming his position in the directors chair for the return of his iconic Evil Dead franchise. While the news didn't come from Raimi directly, it did come from Fede Alvarez (director of this year's Evil Dead), and seeing as he's pretty much been adopted into the whole ED camp, it's safe to say that this is a reliable source.

Fede took to Twitter and made the announcement in response to a fan asking if he'll be taking on directorial duties for the much anticipated sequel. His response: "Sam Raimi will!".

Well folks, it looks like this might actually happen.

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