Monday, December 16, 2013

Henry Rollins Invades Horror In His Cannibalistic Horror HE NEVER DIED

Horror has become quite popular in the world of pop culture, much like comic books have, in that even TV itself has been invaded by an influx of zombies, vampires, killers and demons. Elijah Wood has made it apparent that he wants to set his sights on the horror world (I LOVED him in the remake of Maniac) and now it looks like Henry Rollins is following in his footsteps. 

I am personally not a big fan of Rollins, but I have to say, this looks like it could be pretty tasty. Filming has wrapped on He Never Died, a film in which he not only stars in but also serves as Executive Producer. 

In the film, Rollins plays Jack, "a mysterious loner who has lived an inexplicably long life fueled by blood lust and filled with crime and violence. An exceptionally prolonged life has brought depression and detachment. Jack buys stolen blood from a hospital intern, plays bingo, sleeps fourteen hours a day, watches television six hours a day, and lives alone. This is his life – he has shelled himself away from social interactions. The fuse is lit when Jack's past comes back to rattle him. Jack must now walk a tight rope of sobriety and try to eat as few people as possible in this violent tale of personal responsibility and self worth. As it turns out, there are very few reasons to live when you can't die."

The plot reads like he could be a vampire, but it could also go into cannibalistic territory. Of the two, I'm hoping for the latter, but we'll have to wait and see! For now, all we have are a few shots of Rollins all bloodied up and looking angry. 

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