Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HORROR AT SUNDANCE: COOTIES Are a Very Real Threat To Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson In a New Dark Comedy!

Elijah Wood does not stop and I love it! Since making a huge impact on the horror world in last year's seminal remake of Maniac, Elijah Wood has made it very clear that he plans on making horror his new home. It's so exciting to see such a mainstream star take such a huge interest in the genre that we all know and love, and I for one, am very happy to have him among us. 

We've already talked about his John Cusack co-starred thriller, Grand Piano; he is heading up a new horror production company called SpectreVision that will be releasing an Iranian Vampire flick entitled A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (that looks amazing), and he will be teaming up with John Landis to produce Bad Vibes, a werewolf film set in the "psychedelic music scene of the 1960's". While all of these are exciting, the film that's currently on everyone's lips is his starring role in the Leigh Whannell scripted exploitation film, Cooties. 

"A mysterious virus hits a small Illinois town, affecting only the prepubescent population, transforming them into violent, feral little monsters.  The virus centralizes in the town’s elementary school, and quickly the infected students have the teaching staff under siege, acting out deadly revenge fantasies with an eerie sense of childlike glee.  Finally, the teachers band together, led by a hapless substitute who grew up in the town, realizing they must do the unthinkable if they hope to survive."

Awesome much? The cast is also pretty damn impressive, while Wood is headlining, we also have Rainn Wilson, Leigh Whannell, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, Nasim Pedrad and Jorge Garcia. While it's not exactly something that I keep hidden on here, I am not the biggest fan of Whannell's work but I am very excited to see this film. I think this could be a turning point for my opinion on the guy. 

Below you can see the poster (which I am in love with, see the previous article on Almost Human for reasons) and a new still that has just been released. Cooties heads to Sundance where it will make it's world premiere on January 18th! And trust me, I will be keeping you posted on when and where you can see it yourself as that information makes the rounds.

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