Friday, February 28, 2014

HORROR ON TV - Bret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie To Join Forces on Manson Family Project

Now, first and foremost, this project is so fresh that you can't even say it's in the preliminary stages of development. It's far from being greenlit, so don't get too excited yet, but it's extremely possible that it may happen.

 Fox has commissioned writer/novelist Bret Easton Elliot (American Psycho novel, The Canyons) and famed horror director Rob Zombie (The Devil's Rejects, The Lords of Salem) for a project that sheds light on the people and circumstances that led to the infamous Manson Family murders. Ellis and Zombie have teamed with Alcon Television for the project.

The project is envisioned as a miniseries, and will focus on the intersecting stories of lives and events leading up to what became known as the most infamous murder spree in American history. Zombie developed the idea for the project with Adam Kolbrenner and Robyn Meisinger of Madhouse Entertainment, who then took it to Ellis and Alcon. Ellis, Zombie and the Madhouse principals will exec produce with Alcon’s Sharon Hall, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. Ben Roberts and Ryan Cunningham serve as co-producers.

The Manson Family murders have drawn interest and speculation from millions of people since their twisted ideology came to light in 1969, and Zombie's interest in the case is what drew him into the project. “I have been obsessed with this insane story since I was a kid, so obviously I jumped at the chance to be involved in this incredible project. After speaking with Bret, I immediately realized that we shared the same vision for this epic madness,” Zombie said. 

Charles Manson's level of depravity, manipulation and sadistic tendencies run so deep that he was convicted and sentenced to death in 1971 without having committed a single homicide. When the death sentence was abolished in America in 1972, as being seen unconstitutional, Manson's sentence was changed to life in prison. However, when it was reinstated, his sentence of life imprisonment stood. He has been denied parole 12 times, but continues to harbor a band of followers outside the walls of Corcoran State Prison who still call themselves the Manson family. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

HORROR ON TV - New BATES MOTEL TV Spot Asks Who Norman Bates Really Is

There are a few horror based TV shows that I would recommend to my readers, and if you haven't been watching already, you should get on the Bates Motel train while the getting is good. While I think it's still too early to tell if the show is going to take a turn for the worse, I've got high hopes for it and the first season left me wanting more (as opposed to less), so I'm guessing that's a good thing.

In anticipation for the premiere of season two next Monday, March 3rd, A&E has a released a new TV spot for the season and my, oh my, does it look tasty. I've watched it a good 3 times, and it looks like we'll really be getting into the darkness behind Norman's relationship with his mother Norma in this season, as well as his own psyche, and that's what I think most people are watching the show for.

Starring the stunning talents of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, "following the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel on the outskirts of the idyllic coastal town of White Pine Bay, seeking a fresh start. As Norma and Norman get ensconced in their new home, they discover this town isn’t quite what it seems, and the locals aren’t so quick to let them in on their secrets. But the Bates’ are done being pushed around and will do whatever it takes to survive – and will do whatever it takes to protect their own secrets."


Picking up from last season, Norman (Freddie Highmore) is fixating on Miss Watson’s death while Norma’s mysterious past starts to haunt the family with the introduction of her brother. Meanwhile, Norman’s brother Dylan, (Max Thieriot), gets more entrenched in the familial drug war that fuels White Pine Bay and finds himself right in the middle of the danger as Bradley (Nicola Peltz), who remains on the hunt to uncover her father’s killer, is driven to precarious extremes. Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell), is caught up on all fronts as everything in town escalates and Emma (Olivia Cooke) complicates her relationship with Norman as the duo explore new love interests, bringing new and old characters along for the ride.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MUSIC MUSINGS - Classical Croatian Duo Go Down Under in this AMAZING Cover of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"

2CELLOS is a duo of Croatian dudes, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, who cover rock and pop songs on, you guessed it, two cellos. These guys are absolutely insane, and over the past 24 hours a music video of their rendition of AC/DC's rock mainstay "Thunderstruck" has been sweeping the internet, and for good reason. 

It's fucking amazing. 

It's nice to get little reminders like this, every once in a while, as to why I made my home in rock n' roll. Now, excuse me while I go listen to Highway to Hell and curse at my mother, I'll leave you with this awesomeness:


Monday, February 24, 2014

TRUE DETECTIVE - A Darkly, Cerebral Show That MUST Be on Your Radar

We are in a golden age of television. In today's world, cinema is crap and has been replaced by deeply intricate stories told over hour long episodes from the comfort of your own home (and at a fraction of the price). If there is one thing that shows like Twin Peaks, LOST, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad has shown us, it's that serialized television has become a new (and completely veritable) form of art and storytelling. 

Not only is television programming at it's height, but horror based television is seeing quite the renaissance. While there have always been shows that base themselves in the genre, i.e. The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, The X-Files, etc, I don't think you have enough fingers to count all the shows that are currently running in conjunction with each other at this time. American Horror Story, Hannibal, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, Witches of East End, The Vampire Diaries; soon we will have the Rosemary's Baby miniseries and WGN's Salem, while there is talk of adapting The Exorcist and Scream for the small screen.

Now, does this necessarily mean that all of these are good shows? No. Far from it. Half of these series are shotty, generic horror pumped out for mass appeal, i.e. The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and True Blood. I've read good things about Hannibal, yet couldn't get into it myself. I am a fan of Bates Motel, I will be tuning in on March 3rd, and American Horror Story is completely hit or miss for me. I loved the first half of the first season, the second season was perfect and the third season.... yeah, no. 

And then there is a new on on HBO, home to True Blood. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, True Detective, while not specifically a horror show, is proving to be one of the darkest and most cerebral things I have ever seen on television. I love it, and I think all of you will too. 

Told through narration and varied flashbacks, the story follows Detectives Hart (Harrelson) and Kohle (McConaughey) while they are hauled into interrogation regarding a homicide investigation that they headed up in 1995 in which a ritualistic killer would murder, pose and desecrate women's bodies in accordance to his sadistic religious practices and beliefs.

While the show aligns itself much more along the lines of the "true detective" genre of pulp fiction, the soundtrack, cinematography and general mood of the show reeks of horror based roots. It often has the same feeling of tension and displacement that David Fincher's Se7en had. I'm convinced that Cary Fukunaga took influence from the film for the aesthetic of the show. Much aligned with Se7en, the show's intro credit sequence in an interlaced dialogue of disturbing imagery and emotional duress, completely indicative of what the show has in store for you.

It will be following an anthology format, much along the same lines as American Horror Story. While I like this idea, it has been shown that it can be very touch and go for AHS, and it is my sincerest of hopes that while the cast of characters will change, the cast itself remains. I cannot stress enough how amazing Matthew McConaughey is in this show. Each episode he continually blows my mind, I didn't think the man was capable of such amazing and emotional performances. Harrelson also shows off some incredibly decent chops, so much so that I can barely look at the man's face anymore without feeling a mild resentment somewhere in my gut for the horrid display of character on Hart's part. These two carry the show, however without McConaughey the show would be a lost cause.

This show will bore it's way into your mind and into your psyche, just like any good horror should. It is gritty, dark and often times unpleasant, but I can't get enough of it. It embodies everything I love about the genre, and it isn't even part of it. It beautifully encapsulates the true nature of great slow-burners, from the use of tension to the perfect balance of violence.

I decided to settle in for a viewing because I wanted to see Fukunaga's work, considering he'll be taking up the IT mantle, and I got everything that I wanted and more. Plus, I have to say that I think King's work is in safe hands. Should you find yourself in need of something new and refreshing to watch one lonely night, make sure to check out True Detective. This show is not about the fear of what you may see, or what comes knocking on your door. It is the fear of the human psyche, and of what we are all capable of whether we are willing to admit that to ourselves or not. 

- Rg Lovecraft 

HORROR NEWS: Eli Roth Names His Next Flick As The Home Invasion Horror - KNOCK KNOCK

Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever, Hemlock Grove) is back and it seems that he may just be hotter than ever. After Open Road recently acquired distribution rights to Green Inferno (his homage to Cannibal Holocaust) for a summer release, Eli Roth not only has a hand in Ti West's The Sacrament, but he also just named his next flick. 

Knock Knock tells the story of "two young girls who show up unexpectedly at the home of a married man where they seduce him and wreak havoc on his perfect life."

The script was co-written by Roth, along with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoeda. He is also co-producing with Colleen Camp (Squirrels to the Nuts). The flick is scheduled to start production in the next couple months. 

Roth has yet to tap into the home invasion market, and while I haven't seen much of his recent work, I am excited about it none-the-less. Roth has shown time and time again that he is first and foremost a horror fan, which in my opinion, is one of the most important and most defining factors of what makes a great director in this genre. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Things Get Real in the Red Band Trailer for Ti West's THE SACRAMENT

There are very few things in this world that scare me more than religious fanatacism. The things that people are willing to do in the name of their "god", or worse, convince others to do in the name of some deity often shake me to the core. Ti West's The Sacrament looks like it will be subjecting me to that fear, and more, it looks like it's gonna be awesome

There's only one thing that gets me any where near as excited as I do for the release of a solid new flick, and that's the release of a red band trailer! Last year, Evil Dead's RB trailer was probably the trailer-event of the year, EVERYBODY was freaking out about it, and for good reason. The RB trailer for The Sacrament promises one hell of a ride, and I'll say this much, it looks like I'm going to love it. 

Directed by Ti West, my current horror man-crush, the film stars AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Kentucky Audley and Amy Siemetz. It was produced by none other than the man himself, Eli Roth. It's cool to see Eli coming through and paving the way for the next generation of great genre filmmakers, just like Tarantino did for him. I mean, it's good to see Roth back in the game in general, I was devastated when he announced his indefinite retirement from the genre back in 2007 following the extreme censorship and horrid distribution issues with Hostel II.

The Sacrament follows two Vice media correspondents as they set out to document their friend’s search to find his missing sister. They travel outside of the United States to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the world of “Eden Parish,” a self-sustained rural utopia comprised of nearly 200 members. At the centre of this small, religious, socialist community is a mysterious leader known only as “Father.” As their friend reunites with his sister, it becomes apparent to the newcomers that this paradise may not be as it seems. What started as just another documentary shoot soon becomes a race to escape with their lives.

Now, dig into the red band trailer for The Sacrament and enjoy the brand new one sheet as well!

HORROR NEWS: Rob Zombie's Hints at New Horror Flick; To Be in Same Vein as THE DEVIL'S REJECTS!

Things have been wild and crazy in the world of Rg Lovecraft. In addition to enjoying speaking in third person, I've been working on another musical project which has been taking up almost all of my time, and to be honest, the world of horror has been a bit dry (news wise) for me for the past week or so. Atleast until today that is, there's a whole slew of fun stuff that I'll be sharing today!

First and foremost, Rob Zombie made a very exciting announcement today. For those that do not know, Zombie has been working on his first non-horror feature, a sports flick called Broad Street Bullies and in May of 2013, he made a public statement that The Lords of Salem was his last horror flick for an unforeseeable about of time.

HOWEVER, in a recent article posted on a New Zealand based news site, Zombie elaborated on his waning love for horror (due to over exposure), why he moved forward with the hockey flick and he let this wonderful little tidbit fly: 
"I was working on this thing called Broad Street Bullies, which was a hockey film, but that got put on the backburner because something else popped up."
Hmmm, I wonder what that could be? He goes on to say:
"I'd been working on this hockey film for over two years, it took so much research and work, and I was literally sitting with someone going, 'You know, I have this other idea…' 
And I said the idea and they go, 'We'll make that!' And I put together a one-line pitch, because I didn't want to go to pitch meetings and do all that. I'd call them on the phone and go, "Here's my idea, blah blah blah,' and they're like, 'We're in!' So you slave over something for years and it's still difficult, and you say some crazy thing off the top of your head and they say 'Where do we sign?'. And that turned into a weird bidding war. And that became the next film."
However, I have to say, the most exciting bit of info is this: 
 "I think it's something fans of the other stuff will like. Probably fans of The Devil's Rejects will enjoy the most. It's not connected to that film but it's more on that headspace".
YES. I think most Zombie fans have been patiently awaiting his faithful return to, if not The Firefly Clan, then something similar. That style of horror is hands down my favorite; the gritty, true-to-life aspects hit close to home with ANYONE and that is what makes horror a truly terrifying experience, in my opinion.

It's probably going to be a while before we hear or see anything, but it's good to know that Zombie's back. I only hope that his love for the genre is reinvigorated. I'd rather have him do nothing than do a piss-poor horror movie that lacks the passion and love that TDR seeps from every pore. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HORROR NEWS: More Word Trickles Down the IT Grapevine!

More word has come in regarding the eternally rumored revised adaptation of Stephen King's IT. It was announced some time ago that True Detective director Cary Fukunaga (pictured below) would be writing and directing the new adaptation, this time for the big screen. Apparently that's still happening, atleast according to Dan Lin, the film's producer, as he tells us here:

Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen King’s IT for me, and I’m really excited for that,” explains Lin. “So I’m hoping that’ll be his next movie after the indie he’s shooting in Africa. So I love what he did with True Detective. I think it’s a great sample for Stephen King’s “It.” So I’m really excited about that.

From what I hear True Detective is a pretty damn decent show as it boasts an extremely impressive 9.4/10 stars on IMDB. That alone makes me want to hunker down for the pilot and see what Fukunaga could do with a film like IT.

Stephen King's novel that spawned many a lifelong fear of clowns was adapted for the small screen as a 4 part mini-series in 1990, and starred Tim Curry as the eponymous IT, or Pennywise. The story follows 7 children, known as the Loser's Club, who encounter the otherworldly beast and battle for their lives, once in 1958 and again, when it returns to feed in 1985. 

While details are scarce regarding the script, it's not even clear as to whether or not Fukunaga has begun writing it, Bloody Disgusting reports that it will be set in the "present day". Whether that means 1985 present day as in the novel, or 2014 present day, all I know is that I'm hoping and praying it means 1985. It would be a little weird if we see Stuttering Bill and Beverly sexting eachother. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Superbowl Recap (From Someone Who Doesn't Watch Football)

Awww, February. In the world of Rg Lovecraft that means two things: my birthday and not-watching-the-Superbowl, and it just so happens that I got to do both in the same day! While it may be stigmatizing for someone to grow up in Texas and not watch the sportsball, I think that therein lies the reason as to why I don't watch it. Growing up, I got Superbowl/Birthday parties. Fuck that, it's MY party and I don't feel too inclined to share, thankyouverymuch.

This year I had a nice relaxing birthday. Celebrating was out of the way, having partied on Saturday night, I spent the day with friends in their backyard, drinking beers, throwing batarangs at beer boxes and occasionally hearing about the Bronco's brutal rape while I was getting my next beer.

As far as I'm concerned, there were two (and only two) things about this Superbowl that you need to know about, since I know you were all too busy watching the Puppy Bowl or the Fishbowl to worry about watching silly sportsball:

1. This totally awesome RadioShack commercial:

Everyone knows the 80's were awesome, in all of it's spandexed, cross-dressing glory, especially in the horror genre. Not only do we have Dee Snyder and Hulk Hogan running amok in this masterpiece of advertising, but we also have two of our own: Jason Voorhees and Chucky. Teen Wolf's Scott Howard and Slimer even show up at one point.

You really can't have have a commercial celebrating the 80's without tipping the hat to horror, and while I'm surprised that Freddy doesn't show up, this is pretty damn awesome.

2. Dat halftime show: 

There is a long and storied history behind the Superbowl Halftime Show, the greatest of the great in The Biz, keeping us entertained while the God's of the Gridiron rest their weary knees and toes after two quarters of grueling homeruns or whatever the hell they do. Up until 1991, the Halftime show was handled by marching bands from varying universities. New Kids on the Block were the first pop act to play a halftime show (thanks Donnie!) followed by the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, U2, Sir Paul McCartney and more. 

Last year, Beyonce tore the house down (literally, remember the light debaucle?) keeping with the tradition of well established, seasoned veterans playing the Halftime show. This year however, newcomer Bruno Mars took the stage and he tore it the fuck up. I have not seen a pop performance like that in years. Tears, laughter, joy, whatever I was feeling, it prompted us to need to watch it twice more after it initially aired. Thank god for DVR. 
While the Red Hot Chili Peppers are receiving tons of flack due to Flea's invisible bass cable, Bruno Mars was the true shining star of the Superbowl this year, proving that he just may be the true hope and salvation of the pop industry. His amazing talent as a singer/songwriter mixed with his stage performance (think Michael Jackson/James Brown) is something to behold. My lordy, I am a fan. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Casting for the NBC mini-series based on Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby is well underway, and we have our Mrs. Castevet! The role of the doting deceiver, Margaut Castevet (Minnie Castavet in Roman Polanski's 1968 adaptation), is being played by former Bond girl, Carole Bouquet. Margaut Castevet is a wealthy Parisian socialite, and neighbor to Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse (Zoe Saldana and Patrick J. Adams, respectively), who takes an uncanny liking to Rosemary and aids her with her unexpected pregnancy. Christina Cole (Hex, Doghouse) will play Rosemary's young girlfriend, a character who was not in the original. 

I have to say, I love the pairing of Carole Bouquet with Jason Isaacs who will be playing her husband, Roman Castevet, in the mini-series. If his work in the Harry Potter franchise says anything, it's that he does creepy very well. 

This adaptation centers “on Rosemary Woodhouse (Zoe Saldana), a young wife and would-be mother who, with her husband Guy (Patrick J. Adams), moves into a Paris apartment that has a dark past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their mysterious neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child.