Thursday, March 13, 2014

HORROR ON TV - First Look at Zoe Saldana in ROSEMARY'S BABY!

Well this is both exciting and unexpected as I never would have thought we'd be seeing things so early BUT Entertainment Weekly got their hands on a first look at Zoe Saldana as Rosemary Woodhouse in the televised adaptation of Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby. I think it looks AWESOME. 

The second photo, especially, seems to hint that the show will be utilizing cinematography of the late 60's which I think is very exciting. The way that shot is set up screams horror of yesteryear, and I'm all about that. It worked beautifully for The House of the Devil, but they would have to commit 100% for it to work. Regardless, I'm getting way ahead of myself, we'll have to wait to see more!

The four hour mini-series that is being produced by Lionsgate TV for NBC is starring Zoe Saldana as Rosemary, and  co-stars Patrick J. Adams, Jason Isaac and Carol Bouquet. 

Rosemary and her husband, Guy, move into a Paris apartment that has a darkly storied past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that both Guy and their mysterious neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child.

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