Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebate THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Early with Crypt TV's New Short: PURGE NIGHT

Blessed be the new founding fathers indeed, Crypt TV released a tasty new short in anticipation of The Purge: Election Year which is out in a theater near you tomorrow! The short teases another glimpse at the terrors of Purge Night, and not to sound biased, but I loved it. It's short, fun and it's a great take on a story we all know and love: "The Night Before Christmas". The short was directed by a dear friend, Miss Ama Lea, who's an amazing photographer in addition to her directorial skills. It also stars someone very near and dear to my heart, my lovely girlfriend, causing raucous in the streets, sparkler in hand and masked to boot.

Take a peek, enjoy it and I hope you all get out to a theater this weekend and catch The Purge: Election Year to celebrate the most American of all holidays, The 4th of July! If you like it, check out Ama Lea's online store here to see her artwork and purchase some of her prints, she's shot some of the most prolific names in the horror biz and her work is killer (no pun intended). Also, keep an eye out here on Nocturnal Visions, my thoughts on The Purge: Anarchy will be up shortly!

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